HD Radio Comes To iPod touch and iPhone Via Gigaware In-Line Control

HD Radio has been around in the United States for a few years now, but it is still struggling to gain mass adoption. Part of that has to do with the general decline of radio listening in general, as more and more individuals turn to their portable media players, iTunes accounts and subscription services. That said, one of HD Radio's biggest hurdles has been breaking into the handheld market; it's one thing to get HD Radio equipment installed in homes and cars, but getting it into hands that walk down streets is another.

Today, HD Radio is landing on two of the most popular handheld media devices of all time: the iPod touch and iPhone. There are certainly other options for getting HD Radio on-the-go, with Insignia's NS-HD01 being one and Microsoft's Zune HD being another. But for those who have already purchased an iPod touch or iPhone, neither of those options seem all that appealing.

Gigaware's in-line controller solves the problem, bringing an actual HD Radio receiver to Apple's two hottest products. You simply plug this into your device's dock connector, download the free app from the App Store and start listening to your nearby HD Radio and FM Radio broadcasts. The app allows you to bookmark your favorite stations and even tag songs for purchasing later in iTunes. Users can use the dial on the screen to change the station, or simply use the control wheel on the in-line dial if you have your favorites established.

The adapter is selling now at RadioShack for $79.99, and the app to use it is available for free.