HD DVD Death Watch Over - Toshiba Out

As the saying goes, it's all over but the shouting and we're sure there are more than a few heated words that are still yet to be exchanged.  Reports are continuing to flow in quickly since Friday, on the news that Walmart was stepping back from the sale of HD DVD players moving forward, offering only Blu-Ray format players by June 2008. With Walmart Senior VP, Gary Severson quoted as saying,  "we've listened to our customers, who are showing a clear preference toward Blu-ray products and movies with their purchases", the writing was on the wall.  With the world's largest retailer officially taking a stance in the other camp, it was easy to see the clock was running out in the 4th quarter and HD DVD wasn't even going to cover the spread.

This morning it looks as though the inevitable will indeed finally come to pass, with news coming across the wire from Toshiba that they're finally bowing out of the high-def format battle, ending further development of HD DVD products and that factories were being closed. NHK online reported "The Blu-ray format now makes up 90 percent of the Japanese high-definition DVD market after winning last year's price war for DVD recorders and players." 

With Toshiba officially throwing in the towel there is sure to be a surge in Blu-Ray sales, with many consumers waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop before making a purchase.  Here's hoping that prices won't climb as a result of this announcement but if they do, maybe consumers who were also smart investors could cut back on the sting a little bit while shares of Sony most likely head for an uptick.  Walmart better be ready with extra greeters on hand, as a few folks stream in with returns, now that the holiday HD DVD blowout buzz is over like a bad hang-over, realizing their players eventually will be nothing more than standard DVD spinners or up-scalers at best.

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