HBO's New HBO Go Ads Are Hilarious And Effective

A couple of disclaimers are necessary before moving on. First, each one of us at HotHardware loves our parents. We could go on and on with reasons why, just understand that despite the embedded videos you're about to watch, we have nothing against moms and dads -- we just don't always want to watch movies and TV shows with them. Secondly, the third video is NSFW (in case our parents are reading this, that stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK). Cool? Let's move on.

Never let it be said that HBO doesn't have a sense of humor. Whether or not you have one will depend entirely on whether any of these three videos elicits a chuckle. All three are intended to promote HBO Go, which is HBO's app and service for accessing all of HBO's content on-demand. It's really nifty, and if you haven't caught Eastbound and Down yet, we highly suggest carving out some time to binge watch it.

In any event, here's reason No.1 why watching TV with your folks isn't always the best idea.:

For the record, the daughter is right -- that's not Paul Rudd. Score a point for the irritated teen offspring crowd. Moving on, here's reason No. 2 why HBO Go is a fantastic alternative to watching shows with your folks:

Talk about A to the W to the K to the W to the A to the R to the D, right? It doesn't matter if you totally nailed the birds and bees speech with your son or daughter, watching a steamy sex scene together is still going to be awkward. Throw a little incest in there and, well, let's move on to reason No. 3, shall we?

Reminder, the following is NSFW (there are several f-bombs):

Side note if you happen to be a parent -- reenacting the above scene in front of your kids is great for laughs, though in good conscious, you should probably set aside some funds to pay for their inevitable therapy later in life.

In any event, we hope you got a good laugh out of these (we sure did), and if you subscribe to HBO, check out the HBO Go app for your Android or iOS device.