HBO Go Comes To Xbox 360

HBO GO, as rumored, has now launched on Xbox. The service officially launched this week on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE, the online entertainment service for Xbox 360. With HBO GO on Xbox, consumers will be able to instantly access more than 1,400 titles, including every episode of every season of the best HBO shows – streamed to their TVs for convenient, on-demand viewing from the comfort of home. HBO GO is available at no additional cost to HBO customers who subscribe through a participating television provider.

“HBO and Xbox is a marriage of the two preeminent brands in their respective fields,” said Otto Berkes, senior vice president of Consumer Technology, HBO.  “During my tenure at Microsoft, we always envisioned Xbox as an entertainment hub and the addition of HBO GO represents a coming of age for the platform. The experience is one that will impress both the HBO subscribers and the Xbox fans.”

“Today, we are crossing another milestone in our mission to add voice control and voice search with Kinect to the world’s best TV shows, movies, music and sports,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Chief Marketing Officer, Xbox. “By offering HBO GO, and its entire catalogue of beloved TV series like The Sopranos, The Wire, Sex in the City and True Blood, we are another step closer to delivering all the entertainment you love on Xbox 360.”

So, this tossing you over the edge to snag a 360? Or does it just make you a happier existing 360 owner?