HAVA Mobile Player Brings Live TV, DVR Control To iPhone

The SlingMobile application for the iPhone may be great for some, but for everyone else there's Monsoon's HAVA. The highly anticipated app, which was already launched on other platforms, has finally made its way past Apple's app security patrol and onto the App Store. What's it do? Put simply, it allows allows HAVA customers to view and control their home television service, including cable, satellite and TiVo, from anywhere in the world on their iPhone. Yeah, nice.

The iPhone version of the HAVA Mobile Player is optimized software for the video-streaming application that Monsoon also provides for PCs, Netbooks and other mobile devices, and in case you didn't know, HAVA is a standalone device that doesn't require a PC or Mac to operate. In addition to place shifting video to PC or smartphones, Monsoon's HAVA features unique DVR capability that allow users to initiate a recording to their PC or attached storage, or pause, rewind or fast forward their live TV. Unfortunately, there's no telling if this works over 3G (or just Wi-Fi), but those brave enough to try it out can download the software now for $9.99.

HAVA for iPhone:

  • High quality video playback
  • Remote access to HAVA device
  • Enables full remote control and channel changing capabilities of any TV source such as Cable, Satellite, DVD or TiVo
  • Browse program guides for schedules, series and episode descriptions (based on availability from service provider)
  • "Favorites" feature allows users to label favorite channels
  • Supports iPhone and iPod Touch with OS 2.2.1 or higher