Hasselblad Slashes Prices by 23 Percent, Still Charges a King's Ransom

Hasselblad has been catering to photographers for over five decades and specializes in medium format cameras, which are priced accordingly. In case you didn't know, the typical medium format camera can cost as much as a Kia, or more, so the fact that Hasselblad is running a promotion where a number of models are discounted by up to 22.9 percent (let's just call it 23 percent, shall we?), well, that's a pretty big deal.

Make no mistake, these cameras are still expensive even after the price cuts, and if you're a bargain shopper, there's nothing to see here. But for those who are interested in Hasselblad's cameras, now is the time to pounce. A sample of models that have been reduced include:
  • Model H4D-31 without lens: $11,995
  • Model H4D-31 with 80mm lens: $13,995
  • Model H4D-31 with 35-90mm lens: $15,995
  • Model H4D-40 without lens: $16,995
  • Model H4D-40 with 80mm lens: $18.995
  • Model H4D-50 without lens: $22,995

And the list goes on, culminating in the H4D-200MS (pictured above), which now sells for $35,995 without lens.