Hasbro's My3D Device To Deliver 3D On iPhone And iPod Touch

What's next for 3D? It has taken over the cinema, the gaming world, the television world...what could possibly be next in 3D's crosshairs? What about mobile? In years past, there has been a few solutions for bringing a 3D effect to gaming handhelds, and recently, Nintendo has announced plans for a factory-built 3D handheld. But there are two devices in particular with a huge following, and if someone were to put 3D on those, they'd be in for a profitable treat.

Of course, we're talking about the 125 million iPhone and iPod touch units in circulation, and now toy maker Hasbro is promising to bring 3D to both of them. They're the country's second-largest toy maker, and the My3D device is basically a ViewMaster but for an iPhone or iPod touch. These 3D goggles have a slot in the middle of them where you would slide your iPhone or iPod touch. Then, when looking through it, you'd see 3D images from content on your device.

Since the iPhone and iPod touch have 2D displays, you'll need to use special My3D content. This will be soon available in the App Store; some of it free, some of it for a charge. Hasbro is hoping to use this to provide 3D gaming, augmented reality and even virtual travel options. It's not aimed specifically at the education market; rather, it's being marketed towards kids and adults of all ages.

The device itself will cost just $30, and should go on sale early next year. Apple themselves actually had a hand in making sure the device was up to snuff, but who knows if they will have any hand in the marketing. This thing definitely has potential, but the sheer size of it may turn some folks off. You can't exactly tote this around in your back pocket, so it's mostly an at-home thing. And at home seems to be the place where you'd need it the least.