Harley Quinn Set For A Smashing Fortnite Debut And Here She Is In Action

harley quinn
It looks as though Fortnite is about to get some more DC character lovin' in the form of a badass Harley Quinn skin. It should come as no surprise that Harley Quinn would be making an appearance given Epic Games' penchant for including superhero crossovers and the fact that the film Birds of Prey is soon to theaters this week.

In addition to her iconic outfits, gamers can also choose to equip her with a baseball bat or a mallet instead of the standard pickaxe. All of this info comes from famed Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi who gleaned the data from game files.

It's highly likely that the new Harley Quinn skin will arrive tomorrow, February 6th. Judging by the challenges that have been uncovered, the outfit in the foreground (image seen above) appears to be the standard version. Completing any of the three challenges below will unlock the outfit in the background:

Harley Quinn will be available to purchase in the Item Shop as part of the 11.5 Update. This update will also bring with it the Unreal Engine Chaos physics system and will bring back the Launch Pad, which was previously relegated to the vault.

There's also a new Love and War LTM just in time for Valentine's Day with this set of challenges:

  • War: Play Search & Destroy matches (2)
  • War: Plant or Defuse a bomb in Search and Destroy matches (2)
  • Love: Place top 15 in Duos of Squads matches with a friend (5)
  • Love: Purchase items from vending machines in Search & Destroy matches (5)
  • Love: Heal a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka (100)
  • War: Eliminate opponents in Search & Destroy matches (5)
  • War: Eliminate opponents or revive teammates in a single match (3)
  • Love: Earn Gold in Search and Destroy matches (2500)
  • Love: Thank the Bus Driver in different matches (7)
  • War: Purchase a common item from vending machines in Search & Destroy matches (1)
  • War: Deal damage to opponents (1000)
  • Love: Gain Health or apply Shields (500)

And here are the patch notes for the 11.50 Update:

Battle Royale

  • The new event starts soon. Check back here later today for more details.
  • In non-competitive playlists, the Launch Pad has been unvaulted.
  • Implemented Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system.
  • At launch, our goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like what you would expect. We’ll be closely monitoring your feedback from the in-game Feedback tool for any issues you may be experiencing. 
  • The "Earn Gold Scavenger Medals” Rippley vs. Sludge Overtime Challenge now tracks progress properly.
  • The Sidegrading feature is no longer present in competitive playlists. Its presence in these playlists was unintentional, as noted in our v11.40 post.
  • Resolved an issue involving new players on consoles having difficulty matchmaking after first linking their Epic account.
  • Addressed reports of iOS players activating their device’s swipe-up feature when trying to press inventory buttons.


  • Fixed an issue with the underwater post-process effect on the Archipelago Island and the resulting loss of the effect when the island is loaded.
  • Added a new value to the HUD Info Type option in My Island UI settings. Round Status: Shows a representation of how many players are active or eliminated for each team and the current number of Rounds won by each team. Only valid for games with 2 teams.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to gain credit for completing challenges after leaving a game and returning to the hub.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to aim down sights when pressing the right mouse button on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to shoot or swing their pickaxe after respawning in a Boxfight game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tracker Device could cause games to crash on multiple platforms.
  • Added missing tooltips and extra clarifications to some tooltips on various devices.