Hardware Round-Up

The news has been somewhat slow this morning, but we've got a handful of articles from around the web that you may find interesting.  First, please take some time to check out our review of Corsair's brand new modular PSU.  As its name implies, the CMPSU-620HX is a 620 watt PSU.  It's got three dedicated 12v rail, a modular cables system, a quite fan, and it's built like tank. Techspot has a new review posted of Gigabyte's M59SLI-S5 motherboard. Anyone contemplating a move to AMD's Socket AM2 platform will want to check that one out.  Tweaktown attempts to shed some light on Intel's VIIV technology, and Duane from GD Hardware sent a second batch of tough questions (from the Slashdot community) to the folks at BigFoot Networks - the makers of the upcoming "Killer" network card.

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