“Hardware Freedom Day” Set to Arrive on April 20th

We hear about "open" software all the time, but what about "open" hardware? Not so much. The organization behind the Software Freedom Day, Digital Freedom International, would like to change that, and it's starting by launching - you guessed it - "Hardware Freedom Day. If you love open hardware or belong to a hackerspace, this is definitely something you'll want to pay attention to.

Hardware Freedom Day isn't a conference, so it's not held in a single location. Instead, it requires those interested to create their own events and then register them through the main website so that others can discover them and find out how to attend.

What you could expect from such an event is a collection of brilliant minds who do interesting things with hardware that you might not have thought of before. "Open" hardware is important to many just like open software is, so an event like this can help spread the word and make its benefits better known.

If you're interested in creating an event, hit up the main website to do so. If you're someone wanting to simply find an event to attend, you can check out the official events map. Note, however, that leading up to the April 20th date, there are likely to be an influx of more events, and more information added to those already there. While information on the individual events is a bit light at this point, it probably won't remain that way for long.