Hard Rain Continues to Fall on Blockbuster, Dish to Shutter Another 300 Stores

Most of us can’t remember the last time we were inside a Blockbuster video store, which is why the chain went belly up nearly two years ago, and why Dish Network is planning to close 300 Blockbuster locations in the coming weeks, which will bring the total number of deceased locations to 800.

Dish bought up the dregs of Blockbuster hoping to turn the company into something that could compete with the likes of both Netflix and Redbox, but it’s not going well. The Netflix-ish plan has officially been scrapped, and the brick-and-mortar stores that aren’t shuttered will likely be turned into some kind of Dish Network customer service locations.

Blockbuster closing
Image credit: RenaissanceInnovator.com

This is probably not the return on investment that Dish was hoping for when it agreed to pay $320 million for Blockbuster in 2011. There are still assets there, but the Blockbuster brand is kaput at this point, which leaves only hundreds of retail locations that can be used for something other than renting movies.