Happy Thanksgiving from our little family, to you and yours

It's Thanksgiving here in the US, a time of year when we all pause to reflect on how fortunate we all are. Thanksgiving is a great tradition when you stop and think about it. This holiday isn't about rushing around, shopping, etc. You might contest that Black Friday has made this holiday a little too over-commercialized, but not today, 11/22/2012 -- Thanksgiving Day. Today we all breath a collective sigh of relaxation and soak up the joy and comfort of family and friends across the dinner table. 

Folks these days are just too busy. Many of us tend to be over-booked and perhaps a little too driven and focused on things that, in the grand scheme, aren't nearly as important as the "F word" -- Family.  Life has a way of calling attention to itself though, sometimes whether you want to listen, or not. So take time to enjoy and be thankful today. 

Here at HotHardware, we measure wealth on a different scale.  If you've got good friends and family around you, you've really got it all.  And so, we here in our little family of writers really are very fortunate.  Thanks so much for being with us.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to share our thoughts with you on things we're passionate about.  It's great to have so many good friends and we're thankful for every one of you, even 3v1l (we kid J!).

And needless to say, as Chief Cook and Bottle washer around here, I'm VERY thankful for our team of Tech journalist Ninjas.  You folks are the best.  Maybe I'm the most fortunate of all here.  Wait, not maybe.  I am.  Raise a glass!


On this day of Thanksgiving we'd like to extend our sincere appreciation to you our readers and friends here at HotHardware.com. Living in place like the United States of America, with the many gifts and privileges we're afforded, there are just so many things we can all be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving To You All!

Warm wishes from our little family, to you and yours,
Team HotHardware

And now, we'll stick with tradition and bring you Adam Sandler, in this timeless classic -- The Thanksgiving Song.

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