Happy One Web Day!

The Internet was founded on the principle of equal access for all, and though that's not the only focus of the OneWebDay project, it's a very important part of it.

For those unfamiliar, September 22 has been dubbed One Web Day (OWD for short), and this year will be the second annual "celebration" of the event. The mission of OWD is simple and optimistic: "to create, maintain, advance and promote a global day to celebrate online life." People around the world are encouraged to think of themselves as responsible for the existence and the quality of the Internet (does that mean we get to ban all trolls worldwide for a day?), and highlight both the positive impact of the 'Net as well as problems with access and flow of information.

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Internet, has posted a video at the OWD site; it's been transcribed into several languages; take a look.