Hands-On With Lenovo's IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

With CES getting underway, Lenovo treated us to some one-on-one time with one of its more unsual products: The Horizon Table PC. The 27-inch tablet is not only big enough to be used as a table, it is one. As we discussed earlier,device fits into (and becomes the centerpiece of) a special, high-tech table that runs Windows 8.


In action, the Horizon is impressive. It has bright, crisp images and it responds well to the touch - in fact, it can handle simultaneous gestures from multiple people. I was able to move and resize photos while another user did the same nearby without any graphical stuttering. Lenovo points out that the Horizon is meant to bring family members - who are often wrapped up with their own devices - together at the table.


Press a button and the display slides upward into a monitor position. Meanwhile, a keyboard slides into view. That's slick, and I could comfortably reach the screen to touch it from that position.  Here's some quick demo action with me at the helm of Lenovo's new table PC...

I also like the joystick and the dice. The joysticks attach with suction cups and they're very responsive. The dice are tied to the games in the table - roll them, and matching virtual dice accurately display your roll. Being the athlete I am, I discovered that the table can handle dice rolls onto the non-screen portions and even rolls that land on the floor.

The Horizon is an interesting concept. Some families will will like being able to surf the Web or play games on the same table. But I can see parents complaining that this isn't that different than having your kid ignore you with a tablet in his lap - now he's just leaning over the same table you are. But as far as the execution goes, the Horizon seems remarkably polished.