Halo Infinite Update Fixes Weapon Jamming And Brings Back An Awesome Map Hack

halo infinite ravager behemoth
Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves is underway and it is already being quickly followed by an update. The Halo Infinite update will feature several fixes including the reintroduction of skill jumps and fixing the weapon jamming glitch. Many of the upcoming fixes are based on players’ feedback.

Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries removed “skill jumps” at the beginning of Season 2. Skill jumps allow players to traverse maps more quickly than they usually could and access areas that would otherwise be unavailable. 343 Industries will add the skill jumps back in with the latest update since it received “overwhelmingly strong feedback from our players.” It will reintroduce the following:
  • Live Fire: Key door & house panel
  • Bazaar: Double doors (both sides)
  • Aquarius: P side edges (with adjustment)
  • Streets: Pizza
Live Fire, Bazaar, and Streets will be a “1-to-1 roll-back.” However, Aquarius jumps should be “more predictable in addition to some added pipes which aim to more clearly indicate the collision and traversal mechanics.” The hope is that the Aquarius jumps will now feel more intentional than they did previously. 

halo infinite catalyst
Why did 343 Industries remove the skill jumps in the first place? The developers argued that they felt players were using the skill jumps to either navigate environments where the traversal options were “poorly communicated” or to create “combat imbalances.” They acknowledge that their assessment was “off target” based on the feedback from players.

343 Industries also hopes to fix weapon jamming with the upcoming update. A glitch was causing weapons not to fire. 343 Industries stated that it has “been able to identify the root cause of the issue and we’ll [be] reverting the recent change to help get this into players’ hands quicker.” Players can also look forward to Equipment Pods in Last Spartan Standing now featuring all equipment, Rakshasa armor core’s leg when using Body Types 1 and 2 appearing as originally intended, an Overshield spawning at the beginning of Bazaar matches, and a variety of other improvements.

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves has a lot to make-up for. The first season of the game dragged on with little new content. 343 Industries has promised that Season 2 will feature two new maps, three new modes, two major narrative events, and the eventual introduction of the Forge Open Beta and Campaign Split-Screen Co-Op.

Images courtesy of 343 Industries