Half of Current Verizon Customers Jonesing for the iPhone

It's hard to say if this new report is worse for AT&T or for the Android smartphone platform. A report by market research firm Morplace indicates that more than half of current Verizon customers are at least "somewhat likely" to purchase a Verizon iPhone if such were to be offered.

It makes sense that current Verizon customers would be the group most likely to buy a Verizon iPhone. After all, they wouldn't have to change carriers which, although not that difficult to do, can be expensive for those with a family plan and multiple phones.

The report, which surveyed 1,000 people, said that 51 percent of current Verizon customers would be at least "somewhat likely" to purchase a Verizon iPhone, while 22 percent of Sprint and 20 percent of T-Mobile customers would possibly switch carriers. Among AT&T customers, 23 percent would be interested.

Meanwhile, of those currently with an iPhone, 47 percent would consider switching to a Verizon iPhone, and 34 percent are currently holding off on upgrading their iPhone in anticipation of a Verizon version.

The report goes on to indicate that Android smartphone sales might be affected by a Verizon iPhone, and there are still questions as to whether or not the Verizon 3G network would be able to handle the iPhone any better than AT&T's oft-criticized network.  Despite this, most of those who have wanted to see a Verizon iPhone have assumed, or perhaps hoped, that the Verizon network would be up to the task.

The future of unlimited vs. tiered data plans is another issue to be dealt with, the report goes on to add.
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