Hackers Troll President With BidenCash Site Hawking Stolen Credit Card Details For 15 Cents

hackers troll president bidencash stolen credit card news
Cybercriminals can steal credit card credentials using a number of different methods, including phishing attacks, other form of social engineering, skimming, and data breaches. Stolen credit card credentials often don’t remain with the original thief, but instead end up being sold on an online marketplace. There are many online forums and marketplaces where cybercriminals exchange valuable information. This year the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have worked with other law enforcement agencies to seize the domains of two such places: RaidForums and SSNDOB Marketplace. Unfortunately, taking down online criminal marketplaces is an effort analogous to a game of whac-a-mole; not long after these marketplaces are shutdown, new ones pop up to take their place.

hackers troll president bidencash stolen credit card landing page news
Publicly released database promoting BidenCash carding site (source: D3Lab)

A new marketplace for stolen credit card credentials that is trading on President Joe Biden’s name recently came online. The platform known as “BidenCash” has been operating since late April, but its admins are now promoting the platform by releasing a large database of stolen information for free on darknet forums. The database comes in the form of a CSV file that contains names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card details.

According to D3Lab, an Italian cybersecurity firm, the file has a total of nearly eight million lines of information. Among this information are over three million unique email addresses and 6,682 credit cards. As far as D3Lab can tell, 1,281 of these cards are valid and haven’t appeared online in a cybercriminal database before. This subset of credit cards consists primarily of Visa cards and cards issued in the US. D3Lab has notified the credit and financial institutions that issued the cards contained in this database so the compromised cards can be suspended.

hackers troll president bidencash stolen credit card database news
BidenCash searchable credit card database (source: BleepingComputer)

Beyond the information contained in the free database, the BidenCash marketplace offers a searchable database of credit card credentials, giving cybercriminals the ability to purchase credit cards that meet their specific needs. Buyers can filter by location, issuing bank, card brand, associated phone number, and more. Credit card credentials are for sale for as low as $0.15 each.

BidenCash isn’t the only criminal marketplace offering stolen credit card credentials. In order to avoid long-running credit card fraud, card holders should keep an eye on their accounts, set up notifications for transactions over certain amounts, and consider using temporary virtual card services online.