Hackers Exploit Gaping Hole In AdultFriendFinder Website, Millions Exposed

What better way is there to start off a weekend than to hear about a massive data breach? I can't think of one, and thanks to AdultFriendFinder, we don't have to go without.

According to UK news agency Channel 4, which traveled to the darkest depths of the Web to discover the issue, it found that the data of at least 4 million AdultFriendFinder members was leaked. Information includes sexual preference, marital status, date of birth, email address, and even home address.


AdultFriendFinder isn't taking this issue lightly, as it's contacted local law enforcement and also hired the high-profile security firm FireEye, one that we've written about numerous times in the past. It's also brought in forensics expert Mandiant, so it seems clear that the company doesn't want any stone unturned.

As of the time of writing, FriendFinder Networks hasn't confirmed the size of the breach, or the customers it's affected. Hopefully it will not take long before that information trickles out.