Hacker Crashes Google Play Twice While ‘Testing’ A Vulnerability He Discovered

It’s great that there are folks out there who look for exploits and vulnerabilities and then let companies know about them before ne’er-do-wells have a chance to perform malicious actions, but one hacker made himself something of a nuisance early this week by doing just that.

According to CNN Money, Turkish hacker Ibrahim Balic was testing a vulnerability he discovered on Google’s Developer Console when he crashed Google Play. Developers were unable to post new apps and updates. The crash occurred on Sunday and extended into Monday.

Google Play Store

After Google fixed the problem, Balic tested the vulnerability again--and crashed Google Play again.

He told CNN Money that he expected the exploit to work, but he didn’t think it would take out everyone else, as well. "I didn't have any malicious aim. I am so sorry for this damage," he said.

Balic, incidentally, also claimed responsibility for attempting to hack Apple’s Development Center last year.