Gyration Hand-Recognizing Air Mouse Elite Ships Nationwide

Ever dreamed of connecting your Wii remote to your computer? We can't say that Gyration's latest device will give you the exact same experience, but it's about as close as you can get without hacking or modifying your Wiimote. The Air Mouse Elite, which was introduced a little while back, is finally making its way into retail stores.

Available now nationwide, the device is the latest in the Air Mouse lineup, and it's equipped with MotionSense technology that enables it to recognize hand gestures rather than forcing users to keep it planted on the table as most mice do. Granted, $99.99 is somewhat steep for a mouse that lets you wave it around, but for presentation artists looking for that "wow-factor" to keep potential clients awake, this may be a smart investment.

Gyration Announces Retail Availability of New, Elegant Air Mouse Elite™

Wireless Air Mouse Now Available To Purchase Nationwide; Equipped with Improved MotionTools™ Software

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Movea, Inc., the pioneer in motion-sensing technology for business communications, home entertainment and mobile computing, today announced the retail availability of its latest Air Mouse, the Gyration Air Mouse Elite with MotionSense™. The mouse is available for purchase with a suggested North American retail price of $99.99 or $149.99 when bundled with an ultra-thin, low profile keyboard. It can be purchased on Gyration’s online store at or at retailers such as Amazon,, CompUSA and, among others.

The sleek and stylish Air Mouse Elite brings the intuitive simplicity of motion to your digital life: recognizing hand gestures allowing users to deliver more energetic presentations, it also enables users to effortlessly control digital media, casual games or PC applications with a flick of the wrist. Movea’s proprietary motion-sensing technology, MotionSense, frees users from being tethered to a desk, although a precision laser sensor is also included for desktop use.

“We are excited about how our mouse products have evolved over the years, most recently the Air Mouse Elite,” Bryan Hoadley, Executive Vice President for and General Manager, Movea, Inc. “We’re confident the new mouse and the much-improved MotionTools suite will offer unequaled capabilities for interacting with and controlling presentations, rich media and other digital applications.”

The new and improved MotionTools software provides the advantage and the versatility to enhance presentations by offering the right tool at the right time for different content and audiences. Using natural and intuitive hand movements, presenters in the classroom or boardroom can orchestrate and deliver more powerful presentations. A lecturer, for example can turn the mouse cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer or pen, or gently swipe it in-air to activate embedded media and other special effects.

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