Here's How To Unlock GTA Online's Casino Secret Mission By Getting Hammered At The Bar

GTA Online fans have been loving the game's Diamond Casino & Resort update that brought with it gambling and general nightlife debauchery. However, players looking for something fresh to try out in terms of game objectives can head over to the bar at the casino and get hammered on shots to unlock a secret mission. All that is required to open the mission is to sit down and get smashed.

gta online bar

The mission sees the GTA gamer waking up after getting drunk and being yelled at by the casino manager for taking a casino delivery truck on a joyride. The manager agrees to forgive the hungover player if the truck is returned. Before you can take on that secret mission, you must also own a penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort. 

Players then need to complete the first mission called Loose Cheng to unlock the casino work missions. The secret mission is activated by getting drunk at the private bar in the penthouse or the public bar.

A specific whiskey has to be used to activate the mission; it's called Macbeth Whiskey. When the character drinks that particular whiskey, they get very drunk and wake up in a different spot. Getting drunk using this method one time may not do the trick; most have had to try repeatedly until they wake up in the mission. The mission doesn't pay out any more money than the regular casino missions, but there is some funny dialog to be had. It's worth noting that one user has reported drinking 167 shots without activating the secret mission, while say they find the mission after drinking 50 shots or less.

The casino update has been a hit for Rockstar bringing more players to the game than it has seen since launch.