GTA Online Import/Export DLC Update Reportedly Forces Players To Amp Their Cash Flow To Baller Status

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for encouraging in-game theft and murder, but could extortion also be added to the list of crimes? Many gamers are complaining that the Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest DLC “Import/Export” is just way too expensive.

What is the the new DLC? The Import/Export DLC is free and adds new ways for players who have achieved CEO status to spend their well-earned (or well-stolen) money. CEO’s can purchase storage facilities to store stolen cars. The CEO’s must first steal the cars and drive them back to their warehouse with minimal damage to the vehicle. The vehicles must then be “exported” to other buyers. Like other CEO missions, car theft and car-selling can be interrupted by other players in the session.

gta online plow truck

Sounds like fun, right? Only if you are rolling in in-game money. Players must pay $1 million in in-game currency to become a CEO. The cheapest storage facility runs around $1.5 million. Players cannot do the Import/Export missions unless they own a storage facility. In order to actually participate in the DLC you must at least pay between $2.5 to 3 million in-game dollars.

What can you buy if you have the dough to spend? There are several new vehicles that are available for the in-game millionaires. Some of the coolest include a rocket car and an amphibious four-wheeler.. There is also big semi with a large metal plow on the front that is definitely not for pushing snow. Players can also purchase the Ruiner 2000 which is a parody of KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider. This vehicle includes missiles, machine guns, and a parachute. The average vehicle, however, costs $5 million in-game dollars or $70 USD.

gta online warehouse map

The Import/Export DLC does offer some free and inexpensive updates. For $100,000 in-game dollars, players can now change their facial features. Players can now purchase the Elegy, a vehicle that was originally available only to Rockstar Social Club members. There is a new game mode as well. In “Turf Wars”, players try to cover the ground in their specified color. The mode has overall received quite a few positive reviews.

You can check out Grand Theft Auto Online for yourself here.