G.SKill's Trident Z Royal RAM Kits Deliver 192GB Of DDR4-4000 Punch For Xeon W-3175X

G.Skill announced new hexa-channel DDR4 memory kits that will fall into its Trident Z Royal product line. These new memory kits are geared towards Intel's new high-end Xeon W-3175X processor -- which we reviewed here -- and support high memory capacities and fast data transfer speeds.

00 royal hexachannel gold

G.Skill first launched its Trident Z Royal memory kits towards the end of 2018. These DDR4 DIMMs are some of the more decorative memory modules available, as they come with either gold or silver heat spreaders that are highly polished. The RAM is also capped in artificial jewels that have RGB LED lights underneath.

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Prior to now, the Trident Z Royal product line was composed of dual- and quad-channel memory kits. Hexa-channel memory kits haven't been particularly relevant in the market, but that changed when Intel launched its Xeon W-3175X processor that supports a whopping six memory channels to drive up bandwidth.

These new memory kits appear to use the same DIMMs as the existing memory kits, but they come packed with either six or twelve memory modules. The best of these kits consists of a dozen 16GB DIMMs resulting in an enormous 192GB memory pool. This kit is also clocked at 4,000MHz, has timings of 17-18-18-38, and it operates with voltage of 1.35V. This speed isn't astonishing, but it is faster than the bulk of DDR4 memory out in the world today.


Thanks to the hexa-channel configuration, this memory kit is capable of 122GB/s of bandwidth, which possibly makes it the fastest hexa-channel memory kit on the market at the moment. There's currently no word on when these G.Skill memory kits will be available.