G.SKill Launches Trident Z Royal RGB DDR4 Memory With Speeds Up To 4,600MHz

Gskill Trident Z Roya 1

G.Skill announced that its new Trident Z Royal is officially ready to come out into the world and dazzle us all. The RAM doesn't just have a unique appearance though; it also boasts some of the highest clock speeds we have seen on DDR4 memory to date.

G.Skill decorated its Trident Z Royal RAM with polished aluminum heatspreaders that come in either gold or silver. To help keep these heatspreaders looking clean and shiny, G.Skill went the extra mile and included a microfiber cleaning cloth, which is something we rarely see in the RAM world. Sitting atop the RAM like a crown is another unusual aspect of this memory: a crystalline light bar. RGB LED light emits from this crystalline structure from eight light zones that can be controlled with software provided by G.Skill. 

In terms of performance, the Trident Z Royal is second to none in the company's product lineup. Clock speed on the fastest Trident Z Royal kits sits at a blazing fast 4,600MHz. Slower kits with clock speeds as low as 3,000MHz will also be released in the Trident Z Royal family though, for those that love the RAM's exterior design but can't afford to pay for the ultra fast speed. The RAM will be sold in kits ranging in capacity from 16GB up to 128GB.

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There's no word on pricing for these RAM kits at this time, but the RAM should be available from online retailers in the coming days. With the royal trappings this RAM carries with it, we would expect the RAM to be one of the more costly DDR4 kits on the market though.
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