G.Skill Launches Sniper Series Memory For High-Performance Rigs

A high-performance gaming rig is only as strong as its memory, and G.Skill is one of the world leaders when it comes to high performance RAM. If you're in need of a memory boost, or you're building a new machine with performance in mind, the company's new Sniper series is worth a look. It's designed in ultra-low voltage, particularly 1.25V. That can save up to 10% on electricity drain, and it will also enable power-minded gamers to push the boundaries without too many overheating problems. Or, no overheating problems if you don't take things to the extreme.

The kits that are shipping are rather large, in terms of capacity. There's a 4GB x 2 kit and a 4GB x 6 kit, so don't even bother looking if you need "just" 4GB. They'll ship in two colors (pitch-black and metallic army green), and all of the company's products ship with a lifetime warranty. No mention of a price just yet, but we're guessing they aren't super cheap.

G.Skill Launches Its New Sniper Memory Series Aimed Specifically at PC Gamers and Modding Enthusiasts!

The unique gun styled heat spreader complements the modern thought of building the most stylish gaming machine possible, while also maintaining the best in-class stability and reliability.

Taipei-Taiwan - March 14th 2011. G.Skill, the worldwide leading memory designer and manufacturer, has announced the newest concept and development of new Sniper series designed specifically for PC gamers and modding enthusiasts. Extensive compatibility tests are conducted on a wide range of Intel® and AMD platforms, which guarantee the best performance, quality and reliability for user’s gaming needs.

The New Sniper series is designed in ultra low voltage, especially 1.25V. This kit can save up to 10% electric power which will simultaneously allow gamers to enjoy smooth gaming without any overheat problems and meet energy efficiency requirements.

Gaming takes a lot of memory consuming processes, therefore, the big capacity memory kit is necessary. G.Skill Sniper series not only fulfill your needs, but also maximize your gaming experience with the range from 4GBx2 to 4GBx6.

This Sniper series comes with two stylish colors, unique pitch-black and metallic army green. Its unparallel PC gaming style can enrich all kinds of computer gears. G.Skill is ready to pull the trigger, are you?

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