gScreen To Shove Two 15.4" LCD Displays Into Single Notebook

Lenovo's W700ds proved that having multiple screens on a notebook wasn't completely infeasible, though the lackluster response to it simultaneously proved that there's not too much pent-up demand out there for such a device. Sure, it's a novel concept, but the incredible expense and the added weight puts most prospective buyers off.

All that said, there's always room for one more rival to try and tweak things within a niche in hopes of making something mainstream, and that's exactly what gScreen is looking to accomplish. The Alaska-based outfit has just issued press photos of its upcoming Spacebook, a dual-screened notebook that does more than just provide a secondary display to accompany a primary display. Instead, the G400 Spacebook packs a pair of same-sized screens: two 15.4" LED displays.

The device will be powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and will be available with Windows Vista--though, we have to wonder if it won't start shipping with Windows 7 later in the year (we sure hope so!). Obviously aimed at designers, video editors and photographers, this twin-screened machine should make those who typically utilize two-screen desktop environments feel more at home. Beyond that, details are few and far between, with gScreen only confessing that it'll ship in the United States "later this year" and to the UAE and Saudi Arabia shortly thereafter. Sadly, we still don't know how expensive it will be, though we're sure it'll be well over $2000. So, anyone interested in toting this beast around just to have two screens on the go? Would you be interested if it were less than $2000?