Group Estimates 9 Out Of 10 E-Mails Are Spam

U.S. e-mail security company Postini estimates that nearly every 9 out of 10 e-mails that are sent, are nothing more than spam. We're sure many of you already assumed as much, and we at Hothardware see not shortage of it ourselves. According to the company, 7 billion spam e-mails were sent worldwide this month, compared to just 2.5 billion in June. Spamhaus, a body that tracks the spam problem, estimates that the majority of spam is coming from about 200 illegal gangs, with the U.S., Poland, and China contributing to most of it.

"They disguise words to try to outfox filters searching for telltale words. So, Viagra would become V1úgra. When anti-spam experts clamped down on this, the spammers began to send messages embedded in a graphic instead of plain text. It is harder for filters to scan pictures. Random extracts from classic books are often included to confuse filters looking for keywords."