GPD Win 2 Max Handheld Gaming PC Packs AMD Ryzen APU And Ships This Year

gpd win 2 max 1
When we think of handheld gaming consoles, the first things that come to mind are devices like the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Switch. However, there are also PC-centric portable gaming devices, albeit they are typically not as well-known to the public.

The folks at GPD, which brought us the original Win and the follow-up Win 2handheld gaming PC, are back at it again with a successor, aptly called the GPD Win 2 Max. The Win 2 was powered by miserly Kaby Lake-based Intel Core m3-Y730 processor backed by Intel HD Graphics 615 running Windows 10 Home.

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However, the Win 2 Max is said have an even more powerful AMD APU under the hood, which means a Ryzen CPU and a Vega GPU. According to Liliputing, the processor is rated for 25 watts, but can operate an even lower 15 watts for increased battery life or higher at 35 watts for increased performance. The Win 2 Max won’t be an absolute barnstormer with regards to performance, but you should be able to get some decent framerates out of many games with such a low resolution to work with. 

As for the device itself, expect it to hone very closely to the existing Win 2, which means a 7-inch touch display (this time with a 1280x800 resolution), at least 8GB of RAM, and at least a 128GB user-replaceable M.2 SSD. There’s also a microSD slot if you need to bump up your maximum storage capacity.

gpd win 2 max 2

The portable, clamshell device has an onboard QWERTY keyboard, four top-mounted game buttons, a directional pad, two thumb sticks mounted below the display, and shoulder triggers. It also comes with a pair of 4900 mAh batteries housed within its 1-pound, plastic/aluminum allow chassis.

At this point, we don’t know much else about the Win 2 Max (including details on its pricing), but it’s been reported that it will be available later this year.