Government Discovers That Teen Girls Text A Lot

2007 is shaping up to be the first year when spending on cellphone services surpasses the cost of land line phones, according to a study by the US government and backed up by industry information. Anybody with a teenage girl at home has known this was coming for quite some time. 

"What we're finding is there's a huge move of people giving up their land line service altogether and using cell phones exclusively," said Allyn Hall, consumer research director for market research firm In-Stat.

As recently as 2001, U.S. households spent three times as much on residential phone services as they did on cell phones. But the expansion of wireless networks has made cell phones more convenient, and a wider menu of services, including text messaging, video and music, has made it easier for consumers to spend money via their cell phone.

"Frankly, I'd be shocked if (households) don't spend more on cell phones at this point," said Andrew Arthur, vice president of market solutions at Mediamark Research & Intelligence.

To be sure, when corporate cell-phone use is counted, overall U.S. spending surpassed land line spending several years ago, analysts said.

So it's official: consumers are talking less and less on land lines, and more and more on cellphones. And every single one of them is sitting next to you in the movie theater.

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