GoToMyPC For iPad Now Available

For as corny as the radio commercials are, GoToMyPC is definitely a hit in the business world. It's simple, clean, and gets to the point. That spells success in the business world, where red tape and clutter are more the rule than the exception. Citrix Online, the company responsible for that app, has just made another huge leap forward, and this one may interest average consumers as well as businesses. Apple has been pretty pleased with just how many big companies have integrate the iPad into their workflow, and now there's even more reason to do so.

GoToMyPC is coming to iPad, allowing customers to access programs and network resources on their Mac or PC from the convenience of an iPad. It's available now directly from the App Store, and it's a perfect complement to GoToMeeting for iPad (which was announced last year). The company plans to aggressively launch a series of new ‘GoTo’ mobile services this year, enabling people to transform the way they work – wherever, whenever and however they choose. It's obvious that tablets are the next big target, and there's none bigger than the iPad.

Best news? It's free, but of course you need a GoToMyPC account (which isn't free beyond a trial) to make use of it. Still, much better than making you pay for yet another access client!

Citrix Online Brings GoToMyPC® to iPad® and the App Store

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. and a leading provider of SaaS-based collaboration, access and IT services, today announced its GoToMyPC® for iPad® is now available on the App Store. The new application lets GoToMyPC customers access files, programs and network resources on their Mac® or PC from the convenience of an iPad.

Freedom to Work Anywhere
The availability of GoToMyPC for iPad now brings the market-leading remote access solution from Citrix Online to this popular mobile digital device, complementing the GoToMeeting® for iPad product announced last year. The company plans to aggressively launch a series of new ‘GoTo’ mobile services this year, enabling people to transform the way they work – wherever, whenever and however they choose. As more organizations realize the competitive advantage of a mobile workforce – productive, satisfied employees – new service requirements are emerging to support flexible work from any location using any device. Making the transition to support remote or mobile workers, including putting the right tools in place, may be challenging for many businesses. Citrix Online is responding to this need with a range of secure, reliable and high-performing mobile services that make collaboration, remote access and IT support possible on the go.

GoToMyPC for iPad Available Now
GoToMyPC for iPad provides a fast, easy and secure way to instantly connect over the Internet to a host Mac or PC from an iPad, allowing people to access and work on their data, files, network and applications. Individuals and businesses of all sizes can use GoToMyPC to increase productivity by enabling work to be carried out at any time from any location with Internet access. The need for flash drives, print-outs and late nights at the office is no longer necessary – with GoToMyPC, everything you need is now just a few taps away.

Key features and benefits include:

    * Fast and reliable – There’s no need to remember IP addresses or configure firewalls like most other remote access applications. With GoToMyPC for iPad, it takes just seconds to connect to a host computer to get work done on the go. GoToMyPC for iPad can remotely connect via a 3G or Wi-Fi network, for a smooth experience.
    * Optimized for ease of use – Intuitive multi-touch and gesture-based controls are built into the application along with 300% zooming and panning for more detailed work. It is also equipped with full keyboard functionality, including special keys that make it possible to work on the iPad just like on a desktop or laptop computer. GoToMyPC for iPad also has a text preview mode that automatically corrects spelling and capitalization as you type for proofing content before sending to the host computer.
    * Advanced security – All data is protected with 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication. GoToMyPC for iPad automatically disconnects after a period of inactivity to save network use and prevent unauthorized access.

Pricing and Availability
GoToMyPC for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad at To use it, you must install GoToMyPC on your host Mac or PC. GoToMyPC is available for a monthly subscription and a free 30-day trial can be accessed at