Gorilla Glass Toughens Up Motion's Tablet PCs

Never heard of Gorilla Glass? That's a shame, and if we had our druthers, we'd like to see it on every notebook out there. Of course, it's pretty darn expensive, so maybe we'd only like to see it when prices sink down a bit. At any rate, Motion Computing has decided to offer the extremely durable screen on its C5 and F5 tablets, both of which are designed for field use and are apt to come into contact with some pretty rough environments.

The C5 and F5 are both within the outfit's "rugged tablet" lineup, and now they can be ordered with Corning glass in order to keep your screen free from breaks even in the wild. The Motion C5 and F5 were designed for mobile professionals across vertical industries such as healthcare, construction, field service and manufacturing, and both of 'em are IP-54 and MIL-STD-810F rated to handle most anything you'll encounter. Designed specifically for mobile devices, Corning’s Gorilla glass improves screen durability without adding weight to the highly mobile tablet PCs. Prices vary widely depending on configuration, but really, it's the inclusion of this "tough glass" that has us most intrigued. Do you think this stuff will filter over to Dell and HP devices in the future? It would sure add a whole new level of rugged to these so-called "rugged laptops."

Gorilla Glass Features

A variety of features come together in Corning’s Gorilla glass to create a strong, damage-resistant glass that is ideal for tablet PCs, including:
  • Chemically strengthened to withstand high-volume user interaction and repetitive motion
  • Highly durable, scratch-resistant cover glass for increased mobile Tablet PCs lifespan
  • Adds protection without impacting pen response
  • Increased ability to resist and withstand damages compared to device without Gorilla glass
  • Scratches that may occur are less visible & less likely to affect the user’s visual experience
  • Retains its performance advantage even when used in thin form factors
  • Retains optical characteristics after extended use and abuse
  • Remains strong over time
  • Water, chemical and disinfectant resistant coating: easy to clean and remove dust, dirt, or other elements.