GoPro’s Next Frontier: Live HD Broadcasting From Your Action Cam

GoPro, the go-to company for hands-free recording of your adventures (at least until Apple joins the fray), has partnered up with Vislink to develop live wireless HD video transmission solutions for the professional broadcast market. The joint collaboration will enable GoPro's Hero4 cameras to broadcast videos in HD via a tiny transmitter.

This transmitter will be small enough to be worn or mounted in unique areas to offer viewers a new perspective while they watch their favorite live sports and events. You'll get a first look at its capabilities this winter during several live events, one of which will be the Winter X Games 2015 Aspen. Select AMA Monster Energy Supercross and other live sporting events will also showcase this joint effort between GoPro and Vislink.

GoPro Skiing

"GoPro has changed the way people see the world, creating an immersive viewing experience. Now with unique GoPro perspectives available to broadcasters, watching live events is like being part of the action instead of watching it from the stands. Our partnership with Vislink brings a new level of excitement to live broadcast and we can’t wait to see what players, broadcasters and fans do with this new innovative solution," said GoPro President Tony Bates.

This is a nifty expansion of the GoPro experience -- GoPro cameras are already used in professional applications, oftentimes worn by athletes or mounted on various gear during televised events. However, all those recordings required post-production, which meant having to race memory cards back to the truck or van for a look at the action. By partnering with Vislink, this will be the first time that GoPro products will be used to transmit live action in HD for use in a live television broadcast.

GoPro will reveal information about pricing and availability in the spring.