GoPro Teams With Periscope To Directly Live Stream Your Death-Defying Stunts

We’ve been wondering what the next big step would be for the Twitter-owned Periscope live streaming app, and today we got a look at what’s been going on behind the scenes. Periscope announced today that it will support live broadcasting from GoPro action cameras.

The Periscope app for iOS was updated to allow for direct integration with select GoPro cameras (Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver). Live broadcasting is as simple as connecting your GoPro Hero 4 to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, opening the Periscope app and then hitting the Broadcast button.

You can still use the Periscope app while you’re broadcasting, and you can still see comments as they come in. GoPro videos obviously are stored on the action camera’s SD card, and the Periscope app makes it easy for you to switch from your GoPro camera to your iPhone camera and back again. There’s even an option that allows you to “freeze” your iPhone’s screen, stick it in your pocket, and concentrate solely on getting the shot with your GoPro.

large Sage Periscope

Unfortunately, this Periscope/GoPro integration is only available to iPhone users, and we don’t know if it will ever be extended to the Android platform.

GoPro also announced that Periscope integration will play a big part in this week’s X Games competitions. "As a skier myself, I've always loved extreme sports, and I love how GoPro can show us all of the crazy things these athletes can do,” said Periscope iOS Engineer Pablo Jablonski. “Bringing these two technologies together has been the fulfillment of a longtime personal wish.

Interestingly, this move comes as both Twitter and GoPro are encountering rough waters. Both companies have seen their stock tumble in recent months, and Twitter lost a handful of key executives over the weekend. Likewise, GoPro has seen its stock fall from a high of around $87/share in October 2014 to its current low of $10.74/share due to waning consumer interest and lower than expected sales.

GoPro also recently had to slash the price of its Hero 4 Session after the action camera hit the market with a thud. Originally priced at $399, GoPro initially cut the price to $299 before settling on a new everyday MSRP of $199.