GoPro Plugs Deep Lineup Hole With $199 Hero+ Wi-Fi, Hero 4 Session Falls To $299

When GoPro’s compact Hero 4 Session was announced this summer, it carried a $399 price tag had us scratching our heads. Not only was it sorely undercut by the tiny Polaroid Cube+ - it was priced close to the GoPro 4 Silver, which has more features. Now, GoPro is smoothing out its lineup by moving the Hero 4 Session to a more tolerable (though still pricey) $299. And, the company is plugging the $200 hole in its lineup with a new model: the Hero+.

Until now, the gap between the entry-level Hero and the Hero+LCD was substantial: The Hero is available for $129, while the Hero+LCD is nearly $300. The Hero+LCD has plenty of compelling features, including the touch display and Wi-Fi, but at that price, you’re paying for more than two Hero starter cameras. The Hero+ gives you Wi-Fi support for about $70 more than thank the Hero.

GoPro HeroPlus

“Whether mounted to a weather balloon floating 100,000 feet above the earth to capture a sunrise across the stratosphere or in the hands of a child recording their backyard tree house adventures, Hero+ is built to capture your imagination wherever it takes you,” said GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman in a statement. “Even as we continue to raise the bar for our highest performing cameras like Hero4 Black, Silver and Session, we remain committed to developing simplified products like Hero+ that make GoPro life-capture accessible to everyone.”

As with other GoPro cameras, the Hero+ can be worn or mounted on everything from helmets to drones. It offers 1080p60 (60 frames per second) and 720p60 and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The camera is waterproof to 131 feet, too, making safe for water-related adventures. If that sounds tasty, we have good news: the camera will be available on October 4th.

Of course, the top of GoPro’s line remains both wildly expensive and extremely powerful. The Hero 4 Black comes in at $499.99 and offers 4K video, along with slick slow motion capture. For many wallets, though, the Hero+ is going to have the right features for the money.