GoPro Readies Roku Channel In Bid To Beef Up Media Credentials

GoPro is getting ready to launch its own channel on Roku sometime this spring, the company announced today. The custom-designed streaming channel will deliver on-demand GoPro content to Roku owners while expanding its audience to millions of more viewers. This will make Roku the latest in a growing line of distribution partners that include Xbox, LG, and Virgin America.

The GoPro channel will have featured playlists that allows viewers to explore various types of content, everything from "Deep Sea" to "Fully Throttle," the company says. It will also have a Favorite video section where you can access favorites and recently watched videos. And for curious folks, the channel will have a Product Discovery feature to learn which GoPro products were used.


"GoPro content is unique in that it emotionally resonates with a global audience," said Adam Dornbusch, Head of Programming at GoPro. "The GoPro channel will make it simple for Roku customers to watch GoPro originally-produced and 'best of' user-generated content on their televisions at home. We are excited to bring the world of GoPro to Roku customers as they are one of the most engaged customer bases when it comes to the amount of streaming content they view."

To get an idea of the content that will be available, head over to GoPro's YouTube channel, which is filled with a vast assortment of video clips.

GoPro pretty much owns the wearable camera market when it comes to action videos, though it may face some stiff competition later this year. That's because Apple earlier this month patented some wearable camera technologies, leading to speculation that it will go gunning for GoPro. Whether or not that happens, GoPro is on the right path by adding more distribution partners.