GoPro Flyover of Apple's Spaceship HQ Build Site Gives You The Scenic Tour

When GoPro's versatile cameras first hit the market, they became an instant hit. Finally, ordinary users were able to capture some cool lifestyle footage without having to break their bank accounts. Now, drones have hit the market in a big way, and when combining them with a GoPro, some truly fascinating footage can be captured.

In case you missed it, we talked about one such example of this in early July, after an owner of a drone and GoPro took advantage of his local Independence Day fireworks. Interestingly, I saw someone do the exact same thing in my eastern Canadian town for Canada Day fireworks, so this solution is one that's really catching on fast.

Now, it's Apple's upcoming "Spaceship" campus that's been treated to this high-flying GoPro action. This Cupertino-based campus is far from completion, but that doesn't make this footage any less interesting. Cupertino really isn't a big city, so to see a campus this enormous situated there is quite something - it looks like it'd take a solid 4 or more minutes to drive the perimeter of the blocks it dominates.

The video really doesn't show that much outside of a top-view - it doesn't fly near the ground at any point, probably in fear of the existence of Apple iTurrets. Even if you're disinterested in the campus itself, this kind of video really shows what's possible with a GoPro and a drone. This is really only the beginning. As for the campus, it's going to be quite the thing to behold once it's completed.