Goooooooooooal! Facebook Scores Record 1 Billion World Cup Interactions Between Users

Soccer might not be the most popular sport in the U.S., but it's certainly growing on Americans. Of course, soccer enjoys an enormous global audience, and if anyone needs reminding of that, just check out the World Cup activity on Facebook. At only halfway through the tournament, there are more than 1 billion related posts, likes, and comments on the world's most popular social playground.

That makes this year's World Cup -- a tournament that's held every four years -- the most active topic ever on Facebook, according to data obtained by Reuters. Mighty impressive, especially since there are two more weeks of World Cup action, giving the tournament ample time to set new records.

World Cup
Image Source: Pixabay (stux)

Soccer and Facebook seem meant for each other, as they're both insanely popular around the globe. For Facebook, making an aggressive push into mobile was one of the best decisions the company ever made -- around 70 percent of its users connect from mobile devices and account for 60 percent of Facebook's ad revenue.

In just the first week of the World Cup, there were 459 million related interactions. To put that into sobering perspective, that's more than the combined chatter for this year's Super Bowl, Sochi Winter Olympic Games, and the Academy Awards.