Google’s Project Tango Team Developing 3D Vision Tablet

Perhaps it was inevitable, but Google’s Project Tango team has expanded its device experimentation beyond smartphones into tablets. The tablet will, like the Project Tango smartphone, provide real-time 3D mapping overlays of real environments using cameras and sensors.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, Google is planning to pump out some 4,000 tablets from its ATAP division to seed to developers. As we said when covering the Project Tango smartphone, the key to this technology is very much whatever devs can dream up.

Project Tango smartphone
Project Tango smartphone

The WSJ stated that the Project Tango tablet will be a 7-inch device with two rear cameras and infrared depth sensors that will use special software to create 3D images of objects in space.

Amazingly, the rumor is that we could see this tablet hit the market as early as the end of June.