Google’s Project Fi App Lands In Play Store For Nexus 6 Owners, Invites Still MIA

Google's plan to disrupt the wireless world is one step closer to fruition with its Project Fi now available to download from Google Play. Project Fi, in case you missed our previous coverage, is a new wireless service offered by Google exclusive to Nexus 6 owners. Through Project Fi, Google turns itself into a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) piggybacking on T-Mobile and Sprint.

Whichever partner has the strongest LTE signal in any given area is the one that Nexus 6 wielding Project Fi subscribers will connect to. In addition, Project Fi also taps into millions of Google-approved open Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Concerned about privacy? Google says it encrypts all data that's transmitted, so you don't have to fret about communicating over Wi-Fi networks.

Project Fi

As for pricing, Google's charging a flat fee of $20 per month for Fi Basics, the one and only base package available. It includes unlimited talk and text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international calling to more than 120 countries. For cellular data, you pay $10 per gigabyte and can add however much you want to your plan. So if you think you'll use 4GB, your monthly fee would be $60 ($20 for Fi Basics plus $40 for 4GB). Whatever data you don't use is credited to your account. Likewise, if you go over your allotted amount, you'll only be charged for what you used.

There are two catches to the service. The first we already covered -- it's only for Nexus 6 device owners for the time being. And the second is that it's by invite-only. Even though the app is now available to download from Google Play, it doesn't appear that anyone has an invite just yet, though we expect that to change very soon. We doubt it will increase your chances of getting one, but if you own a Nexus 6 and requested an invite, you might want to grab the app so you'll be ready to go.