Google’s Nexus 5X Leaves Most Customers Hanging By Shipping With USB-C to USB-C Cable

Google's brand new Nexus 5X smartphone looks to be a good contender for its given price point ($379), but there's a major stipulation you should be aware of if you have interest in picking one up. Despite the fact that the USB-C connector has barely broken through to the market yet, Google saw it fit to supply only a USB-C to USB-C connector in the box. Oy.

What this means for you is that unless you happen to be rocking a computer that has a USB-C port, such as an updated Alienware notebook, or Apple's latest MacBook, you're not going to be able to connect it to your computer to transfer data or take advantage of the Android Debugging Bridge in order to root or flash it in the future.

Nexus 5X 2

Fortunately, those who opt for the 6P will be given a second cable, a USB-C to USB-A one that will negate this issue. For those 5X owners who wish to connect to their computers, a cable can be purchased right through Google for $16.99 at the time of purchase, but better options can be had through Amazon.

This move strikes me as an odd one, because the 5X is in no way inexpensive (especially since its $379 model delivers just 16GB of storage), and these cables cost so little to manufacture. I think OnePlus went the correct route with its OnePlus 2; it sticks to a USB-C cable that still plugs into a regular USB port on its opposite end that shares the same benefits as USB-C.

So there you have it. Prepare to shell out a few more dollars for that additional cable if the 5X is in your sights.