Google’s Nest Eyes ‘Internet Of Things’ Expansion Into Audio Market

It looks like we could be seeing an audio-related Nest product in the not-so-distant future. This news stems from the fact that Nest posted a job ad that seeks a "highly technical Head of Audio to lead the development of Nest Audio across hardware and software, present and future." That speaks volumes (no pun).

Whoever gets hired will get to lead a team that oversees the development of 'Nest Audio', which will involve both hardware and software. Whatever comes from this will be an end-user product, but that's probably not too much of a surprise.

Nest Audio Boombox

It's an interesting move for Nest, although not really at the same time. Nest was co-founded by Tony Fadell, who happens to have the achievement of creating the iPod under his belt. Given the success of that product, perhaps we could see some "game-changing" audio product from Nest, as well.

Whatever Nest creates here is likely to directly compete with the likes of Sonos, a company that's projected to reap the rewards of $1 billion worth of sales this year. But, Google is no slouch, and it undoubtedly has the ability to take on an established player, especially if the right expertise is brought in.