Google's Latest YouTube Tweak Makes Vertically Shot Videos Less Annoying

Vertical videos are proof that we're in over our heads with smartphones. Here we have these wonder pocket-sized gadgets that can capture precious moments like little Johnny getting his first hit in baseball or your sweet niece Sarah reciting the alphabet. Unfortunately, too many of these memories are ruined by holding the phone the wrong way resulting in the dreaded vertical video.

Education is the only real solution, but in lieu of teaching everyone, everywhere how to properly shoot a video on their mobile device, Google has made the best of a bad situation by changing how YouTube displays such monstrosities.

Vertical Video
The dreaded vertical video, run for cover!

A new version of Google's YouTube app (10.28) for Android will automatically play back vertical videos in full screen as opposed to a giant-sized letterbox version for landscape videos. You can grab it from this APK Mirror, and though in a way it means conceding defeat to the technologically challenged, the alternative means continuing to be frustrated by vertical videos.

With YouTube 10.28, the vertical video will display in full screen when you hold your phone or tablet upright. In previous versions, it didn't matter how you held your mobile device when watching a vertical video because it wouldn't rotate anyway. That's now solved.

Unfortunately this functionality is only for Android users, which means iOS and web users still have to suffer. But on the bright side, changes to other platforms can't be far behind, right?