Google’s Free Chrome Remote Desktop App Finally Comes To iOS

Google has a slick remote access tool that Android users have been using to connect to their PCs since April. Now that Chrome Remote Desktop is available on iTunes, iOS users are free to see what all the fuss is about.

Your iPhone or iPad can be a tool for accessing your PC via Chrome Remote Desktop App
The Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS puts your PC Desktop on the small screen.

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS lets you control your computers from an iPhone or iPad. (Of course, CRD also lets you control one PC from another computer or Android phone, too.) The touch nature of the app means that some actions are a little tricky (typing, for example), but by and large, it makes for a simple way to jump onto your computer and retrieve an important file or use a PC application while you’re on the road. You can also use the app to provide remote tech assistance to someone else, which is handy if you’re the family’s go-to for tech support.

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is a piece of cake. If you haven’t already installed the app in Chrome on your computer, you can do it in minutes here. Create a six-digit PIN, maybe change your PC’s sleep settings if you feel so inclined, and you’re ready to go – at least, on the PC end of things.

It's easy to access your computer if you have Google Chrome installed on it and have installed the Chrome Remote Desktop App
The remote access tool can be used to access your own system or help someone else with their PC. This image is from the PC version of the app.

Next, head over to iTunes and install Chrome Remote Desktop. Once you open the app, select your computer and enter your PIN, you can swipe and tap your way around the PC Desktop. I took the app for a spin on an iPhone 5s and found it to be very responsive. The view is necessarily cramped, but you can zoom in with the usual gestures.

It makes sense that Apple’s mobile operating system would receive an app for Google Chrome Remote Desktop behind the Android version, but iOS users have been waiting for a good chunk of a year to take advantage of Chrome OS. Reviews of the iOS app have been mostly positive so far, with Chrome Remote Desktop enjoying four stars out of 59 ratings.