Google's Directions Get a Street View

Ever wish you could get a view of possible landmarks when getting directions from a mapping site or program?  Well, Google's heard your plea, and has added Street View to directions in Google Maps.

Driving directions and Street View have been separate features of the search engine's Google Maps site. By combining them, Google said users can now get a better picture of their route alongside turn by turn information. Users simply click camera icons to get photos of the route along with an arrow showing which way to go. At the end of the line, the last view is a green marker that shows you've arrived.

"By viewing Street View images alongside directions, drivers have visual context for intersections and action points along their route, enabling them to be aware of landmarks and other factors such as tolls, speed limits, size of the road, and the availability of parking at their destination," Google said in a statement.

Ah, yes.  Now Google Maps can also handle things like "turn right at the McDonald's."