Google’s Cloud Print App Allows Android Users To Print To Any Cloud-Connected Printer, Now On Google Play

Google is officially bringing support for wireless printing to smartphones and tablets with the release of its new Cloud Print App for Android devices. With the Google Cloud Print application, you'll be able to print from any compatible Android device running the app to any Google Cloud Print connected printer. You can also track the status of your print jobs from the app.

Google Cloud Print works with a variety of web-connected devices including your phone, tablet, Chromebook, and PC. When using the app on your smartphone or tablet, the Google Cloud Print option will appear in the sharing menu. As a result, nearly any application with the sharing option will be able to print content. Depending on your printer, the app will provide access to various printer settings including options to print in color or black and white, orientation, resolution, number of copies, and more.

The Cloud Print App is available for free from the Google Play store. You'll need a compatible printer to use the service. According to Google, the Cloud Print service works with all printers but Cloud Ready printers are recommended for the best experience.  To see if your printer is Cloud Ready, visit Google's Cloud Ready Printers page. This page also provides information on how to set up a classic printer.