Calling All Pranksters, Google’s Audio Emojis For Android Include A Fart Sound

hero poop emoji sound android
It was only a matter of time before Google decided to add a fart sound that could played while on a call. In fact, the tech giant is testing out six different sounds, including a fart, that some Android beta users are testing out now.

While it may sound like a feature for a fifth grader to use while talking to a friend, Google is betting on adults wanting to share the sound of passing gas with a loved one while on a call as well. The new feature being tested out in a recent beta update for Android allows users to access six different sounds that can be played for both caller and receiver to savor.

poop talking

The “Audio Emoji” feature in the Google Phone app includes the option to choose one of the following sound effects:
  • Clapping (Applause) 
  • Laughing 
  • Party 
  • Crying (Trombone) 
  • Poop (Fart sound) 
  • Sting (Ba Dum Tss sound)

In the Phone app’s settings, Google explains the upcoming feature, remarking, “Express emotions and moods with sounds like applause, laughter, sad trombone, and more with tappable emoji while you’re in a call.” Honestly, the poop sound should have a plethora of use cases, just saying.

While users may want to inundate the person on the other end of the call with their poop talk, there is a limit on how often the emoji sound effects can be played. According to 9to5Google, which first spotted the new feature, there is a cool down in between which prevents playing the chosen sound back to back.

If anyone is part of the Android beta program and is wondering if they have access to the new “Audio Emoji” feature, there are currently two ways to find out. One is by checking for a button for it in the overflow menu. The other is checking to see if there is a chip that appears in the main calling interface.

Obviously, not everyone will be thrilled about some of their friends and family having access to a fart button, but there will be those select few who will stink up any and every call using it.