Google Wallet To Introduce Web-Based Version "Soon"

Google Wallet was no doubt a crazy initiative. It takes a hugely ambitious company to pull off something of that scope and scale, and it's no surprise that Google rose to the challenge. But gaining traction in a market place that isn't quite as innovative has proven to be tough. A world without credit cards is surely in the cards, but how soon? Google is hoping that Wallet makes it sooner than some may expect, but it won't happen without ubiquity. And now, Wallet is not only coming to the Galaxy S III on MetroPCS, but also to the web.

A subtle change on Google's Wallet website points out that a web version of Wallet is coming soon, but it says little more beyond that. The implications could be huge, though. Mobile web is used far more than apps and specific hardware. Facebook's mobile web is still accessed far more frequently than Facebook's apps, globally, and Google stands to gain a lot by tapping into the browser-based market. Could this open up Wallet to phones, tablets and laptops of all shapes and sizes? Perhaps the company's October 29th event in NYC will shed more light on the situation...
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