Google Voice Updated For Andoird 4.0+, Brings Improved Visual Voicemail

The vast majority of Android devices still aren't seeing their Ice Cream Sandwich update, but those that have it can now look forward to a new edition of Google Voice that better integrates visual voicemail. The feature has been supported since 2009, enabling users to see all your voicemails with text transcripts, and play them on-demand. But this week, the updated app allows users to view and listen to your voicemails on demand directly from the call log on your Android phone. Your voicemails will appear alongside your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls in your phone’s call log and you can just simply touch them to play them. You can slow down the playback of the message which is great for when someone is telling you their callback number, or you even speed playback up, so you can quickly listen to longer messages.

Unfortunately, Google makes clear that the new voicemail feature requires Android 4.0+, so if you're still on an earlier build, your only hope is an update. Waiting, waiting...

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