Google Video Shutting Down Next Month

Did Google just eat one of its own? With Google's takeover of YouTube, it's pretty clear that there's no real need for multiple video services under one roof. YouTube has become a dominant force in the industry, and even Google Video isn't a household name in the way that YouTube is. This week, Google decided to shudder Google Video, and an e-mail notification was sent to users to inform them of such. The note had some rough news: download their uploaded videos by May 13th, or else live with never, ever seeing them again.

After April 29th, Google Video content will no longer be viewable, but the download feature will remain available for a few weeks in order to give users the ability to retrieve their uploaded work. We're guessing that most of those videos will be re-uploaded onto Google's YouTube service, which is apt to be around much, much longer than Google Video. Are you affected by the news? Has downloading and re-uploading suddenly become a top priority?