Google Is Prioritizing Critical Energy Crisis Information To Keep Europe In The Know

google using tech to help european energy crisis
Across the pond, Europe is getting ready for a particularly tough winter, driven by rising energy prices and power grid strain, compounded by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To help people stay informed about this problem and remain safe, Google is now pushing “relevant and actionable information to help them navigate this crisis and save energy.”

This year, one in four searches was a ‘why,’ ‘how,’ or ‘when’ question about the topic of energy in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Germany is increasingly searching about saving natural gas and energy while Belgium has searches for ‘how to save on gas’ up 5000% since last year. It is clear that Europeans are concerned about saving money and supporting their resources network in a time of uncertainty and potentially even instability. Therefore, Google, as a leader in the search industry and who people are turning to for answers, is launching a feature in 29 countries and 22 languages in Europe to help people through the energy crisis.

example google using tech to help european energy crisis

Beginning today, if people search for energy information in Europe, they can expect to see special features that make information more readily and easily available. For example, if someone searches for ‘Europe energy crisis’ or ‘energy prices,’ they will see articles, local information like financial support information, and ways to save energy. This could more easily allow people to know when to adjust their heat, tweak boiler settings, or implement other methods of saving energy through the winter.

These new features are just additions to Google’s move toward helping the Earth and helping Europeans access energy ‘affordably, reliably, and efficiently.’ For example, last year, Google implemented eco-friendly transportation features to Google Maps stateside, which now seems to have rolled out across Europe. In any event, the technology that Google controls can help with energy crisis challenges, and as such, the company is making good strides toward helping many people, globally, with these problems.